Sunday, February 25, 2018

Soaking Up the Son!

Hello Team!  We wanted to send out a quick update!  In four weeks second term will be completed and we will enjoy a four week vacation!
John has been busy teaching geometry and 8th grade math.  He is working on improving his speed while running on and off campus.  This past weekend he taught Sunday School for 8th grade boys and is waiting on the government to process his paper work to begin driving the school buses.  He will be able to drive students to sporting events, special activities, and to the airport.

Becky has been teaching preschool on Monday and Friday mornings.  This keeps her busy!  She is also helping to direct the elementary musical, Soaking Up the Son, which will be preformed the third week of third term.
Becky reading to all ten students.

We are enjoying sponsoring the 8th grade class and are starting to plan for our big event, 8th Grade Celebration, third term.  We also have hosted our caring community several times this term.  This past Friday the boys rolled out their own dough and made personal pizzas.  They also loved winning prizes as they tried to unroll them from a saran wrapped ball.  We had filled the ball with candy from Halloween and Christmas!  The favorite prize was a coupon to have dinner with our family!  I'm sure they will want pizza!

In the last four weeks of second term we have several prayer requests.
Please pray...
- for the students' health.  We have had many students in the past 48 hours become sick with fevers and colds.

-our enderance, wisdom, and strength these last four weeks.  We want the staff and students to finish the term well.

-our administration.  Please pray for wisdom and compassion for the needs of the staff and students.

-for Becky's Dad, Jerry.  He is having a medical procedure on Thursday.  Please pray that everything goes well, wisdom for the doctors, and pray for the family helping to care for her Dad during and after the procedure.

-for our family as we continue to grieve the loss of Becky's mother.

-for Ruthie and Gracie as they celebrate their 4th birthday on March 26!   

We appreciate your prayers!  
Thank you for the Christmas Cards and Valentine's Day cards we recieved!  Mail has been taking 2-4 weeks to arrive at RVA from the states.  There is plenty of time to send a birthday card to the girls!  If you want to add something flat to their card, then stickers, bandaids, a DVD, and pictures can be sent with the international stamp.  Our address is:
P.O. Box 80
Kijabe 00220


We know that many people in our home town have been battling ice.  Here in Kijabe we have been soaking up the sun!  Today the temperature was about 80 degrees in the shade.  We will enjoy this weather while we can.  We pray that the rainy season will come soon.  But once the rains begin, we lose our warmer temperatures.  So we will be thankful for the rain and will soak up the SON as we preapre to celebrate Easter!

Please let us know how we can pray for you!

In the Love of the Savior We Serve,
The Myricks

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Community, Cookies, and Rain

Multiple times a term, we open our house to students for an activity called Caring Community.  John and I have a group of six 8th grade boys in our group, and they love to be active and do active things.  Soccer and Dodge ball against other groups are always hits, but this last Friday night, we did a different activity.  We had the guys in for a night of playing Wii and making Hand Cookies.  Hand Cookies are just like they sound.  You roll out dough, place your hand on it, and then cut around it, creating a hand cookie. The boys had a blast making and decorating cookies and racing Mario Cart over and over again.  By the time it was time to go, the boys were full of cookies, poor Mario was worn out, and it was pouring rain.  After praying over the boys, we sent them back to their dorms with a few more cookies for the road, and in true missionary kid fashion, they never batted an eye at the rain.  They fun group and we enjoy having them in our home!!

John cutting out Gracie's hand cookie after he traced her hand.  Hand Cookies are a family holiday tradition that Uncle Dan Dixon shared with us.

Guys playing Wii in our living room.

Ruth decorating her hand cookie.  Since we were limited on time, we added chocolate chips and chocolate smarties before we baked the cookies.  We usually add icing and candy after the cookie is baked and cooled.

Gracie and her hand cookie.

One of the guys enjoying his cookie.  We used Aunt Shelly's recipe and they were delicious!!

Hand cookies ready to bake.

I took this picture from our kitchen.  You can see our kitchen table and the guys playing Mario Cart Wii in our living room.
Speaking of rain, the rains seem to have come, even though it is not the rainy season.  We have been having rain in the afternoons the last several days, with brief showers of maybe .05 inches, but over the last 36 hours or so, we have gotten more than an inch and a half. Rain is always considered a blessing, even when it comes out of season.
The girls trying out their new raincoats and boots!

 Please pray for our students, for the rains, and for God's blessing to remain on us and on Rift Valley Academy as we seek to serve God.

In the love of the Savior we serve,

John and Becky, Ruthie and Gracie

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Since we still have jet lag, we celebrated the New Year with Missouri's time! Midnight in MO was 9 am here.  It seemed strange knowing we were already in 2018 and the family we were face timing with were still in the year 2017!!  

The past few months have gone by quickly and there are moments that are still blurry to me.  At the start of the trip we quickly began planning my mother's celebration of life and ended our trip with the celebration of our Savior's birth.  Both events included time with friends and family, which was just what we needed!  We didn't get to see everyone we wanted to see and do everything we wanted to do, but we were thankful for the time we had.

We are grateful for your prayers and support!  In our earlier blog we listed several prayer requests.  On a personal note, we could still use prayers for our transition back to Kijabe, Kenya.  I have had a bad case of jet lag that has caused me to rest more in bed and on the couch.  I pray the dizzy spells will end soon.  We are slowly catching up with our sleep and the girls were only up 3-4 times each this past night.  Students start arriving on campus Tuesday and John starts teaching on Wednesday.  We still have a lot of unpacking to do and are being creative with meals since our deep freeze quit working while we were gone.  I'm thankful my friend Kate offered to pick up some grocery items for our family when she is in town today.  I was too dizzy to go with her.  We have had neighbors bring us bread and snacks, so we are thankful those things too!

We know you have been praying for our family to find a vehicle, and our prayers have been answered!  We were able to buy one from a family who left in December.  We had a lot of help from friends at RVA since we were taking care of the purchase while we were in the US.  Once we have our insurance sticker we will be able to drive it off campus.  Our first big trip will be to purchase a new deep freeze!!

Again, we wish you a Happy New Year!  Please let us know how we can be praying for you!


The Myricks

PS- Thank you for the Christmas cards sent to our Kijabe address!  We have enjoyed opening them and will hang the pictures around our house!!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

..."Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord."

Luke 2:10b-11

The coming of Jesus was indeed "good news of great joy" for the world. Mankind was lost and without hope, but Jesus, our Savior changed all of that, and through Jesus, there is hope and peace with God.  Becky and I hope your Christmas celebration was a time of healing and and a time of hope and celebration of the gift of Jesus. 

Becky and I are preparing to return to Kenya after the passing of Becky's mother brought us home at the end of October. We have been able to spend a good amount of time with Becky's father, and have been able to enjoy the holidays with family. Although death is inevitable for us all, it is always unexpected, and it always reminds us of the things that are really important: faith, family, and love for one another. 

We were able to witness God's hand at work in many places as we returned to the states.  From the time we recieved the news of Sandy's illness until today, we have recieved blessing after blessing. From the support we recieved from our teammates and friends in Kijabe, to seats togther on the flights home, to God providing experienced teachers to fill in for the last month of the first term, to us arriving home before Sandy passed, allowing for final good-byes to be said. We were able to see many people and able to reconnect with some of our supporters.  Our home church informed us a little over a week ago that they were covering all of our traveling expenses including the round trip tickets, taxi expenses, and food while in transit.  This has been a tremendous blessing to our family.  

Please keep us in your prayers as we return to Rift Valley Academy on the 28th of December.  Pray for the students as they prepare to return to school. Pray for safe tavels for families as the travel during the first week of January for the start of school on January 3rd. And remeber to keep Becky's family, and all of us in your prayers as we mourn and heal from the loss of Sandy. 

In the love of the Savior we serve, 

John and Becky, Ruthie and Gracie 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

October Update and Prayer Requests

It is now October and our families in America are starting to enjoy the beauty of Autumn.  Here in Kijabi the days seem warmer as we wait for the short rains.  It is dry since we had little rain in September.

Mid-Term break begins this Friday after lunch and the students return on Tuesday, Oct. 10.  Our family is checking out one of the school's cars and traveling to Nairobi to stay at a missionary guest house for two nights.  Please pray that we will be safe while we travel (John's first time driving since he returned to Kenya) and that we will be able to rest over the break.

During Mid-Term the boarding students return to their families or spend time with their guardians off campus.  Please pray that the students' have a safe and positive break.  Some of the students may travel a great distance, so please pray for their safety while traveling.  As they return, please pray that their hearts will be guarded from homesickness.  This will be the only break before term ends on November 25.  Returning to school can be a tough transition for some of the students.

Next week (Oct. 11-15) is Spiritual Emphasis Week.  Please pray for the speakers, band, and students. 

The girls continue to attend preschool on Mondays and Fridays.  There were 14 kids in the class, so the class was split in two.  The groups take turns using the indoor classroom.  The other class meets in the elementary library and does other outdoor activities.  Becky will be teaching five times starting the end of October.  Please continue to pray for wisdom and patience for the teachers and growth for the preschoolers.

Our family is looking for a vehicle.  Please pray that we will have patience for God's timing and that we will have wisdom while making decisions. We want to find a car that will be safe and reliable for our family.

Thank you for your prayers and support!!
Please let us know how we can pray for you!!

In the love of the Savior we serve,
John, Becky, Ruthie, and Gracie
Ruthie and I made Bear a car.  I love how the girls use their imaginations!
We gets some interesting looks from the workers on campus when I'm pushing the girls.
 I don't think they are used to seeing a double stroller.
Girls are playing on a unique swing here on campus.
The seat from the swing has an incredible view!!
Playing in the leaves!
Autumn 2016

Monday, September 25, 2017

Having Courage to Face the Trials

Today at church the message was titled, "Solid Gold Faith".  The speaker, Ryan Murphy, focused on 1Peter 1:6-7 which says, "In all this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed."

"Suffer grief in all kinds of trails" 
Could those be trials like moving and adjusting to life in a different country far from your family?!?  I feel like the topic for today's sermon was just what I needed to hear.  As I think about how quickly my husband and my daughters adjusted to life here, I am frustrated that I'm still struggling.  We knew it would be at least a month until we were able to settle into our new home since we went to African Based Orientation for three weeks.  Once we did move into our house on campus, I started getting headaches from the mold in the bathroom.  Then Gracie got sick and all of her bedding needed to be washed.  We didn't have any extra blankets so we had to use towels to keep her warm and to clean up after her.  I'm used to her blankets being clean after a quick wash and 40 minutes in a dryer.  Well, we don't have a clothes dryer here (or a dishwasher).  The electricity is expensive so it is cheaper to dry clothes on a line.  That takes longer to dry and her bedding wasn't ready until the next night.  Since that first week, Gracie and Ruthie have both ran fevers and have been sick for multiple days.  We know their bodies are being exposed to new germs and we are filtering our water to help.
We were thankful that RVA maintenance quickly removed the mold from our bathroom, but we had to stay in a guest house for three nights while the smelly paint dried.  Without a vehicle, we had to make several trips to relocate ourselves.  Once we were back into our home, I thought things would get easier.  But then I discovered the water heater was rusted out and was leaking on our floor.  Also, school started and I was now caring for the girls on my own and training a worker.  We are thankful to have Daddy come home for lunch each day and to have a worker to help with laundry, washing dishes, and cleaning the house.  I wasn't prepared for how challenging it would be for the girls and I to adjust to having an extra adult in the house three days a week.  We think highly of our worker, but at times the culture and language can be a barrier while explaining how we want our home to look, how we want our food to be prepared, and how we want our children cared for while I am away.  
Staying home with the girls is very different here.  In the States, when I needed a break or wanted to get out of the house, I would load the girls in our van and head to the grocery store (for free bananas for the girls), Target, Grandma's house, or meet a friend at the park.  How I miss our van and the girls' car seats!  We loved singing in the car and relaxing while driving around town.
Now, we meet friends at the park, walk to the cafo to drop off our milk containers to be filled, or meet Daddy for chai.  But without a vehicle, we stay close to home.  If I do need to go shopping for produce or staples, I leave the girls with our worker, Momma Mary, and walk down the hill to the visit the vegetable ladies or shop at the Super Duka, the local convenience store.  Now that John is teaching, I try to do my shopping while he is at school.  I will admit, I often have anxiety as I prepare to walk to town and work hard to find the courage to go.  Over time, I'm sure I will become more comfortable and it helps that most of the local people speak English.  I have to laugh at some of the mistakes I have made.  I get myself talked into buying things I don't need or spending too much money because of the differences in language and culture.  One day I came home with 70 limes (they are a little bigger than a golf ball) because I didn't want to tell the sweet vegetable lady no.  They only cost $6 and I know she needs the money more than I do.  I often buy a bouquet of flowers for $3 or $4 because I know Stephen is disabled and needs to pay his bills.  I care about the local people and can see how hard they work for very little money in return.  
Today, as I sat down to write this blog, I saw that my friend Sara had sent me an email.  She shared a blog post written by Jennifer Rothschild, a Christian writer.  In her blog, Jennifer writes that confidence and courage are two different things.  Confidence is a feeling and courage is a choice.  God doesn't expect us to feel confident.  God asks us to trust Him enough to decide to have courage.  You can read more by visiting Jennifer's blog at:
I chose courage as I helped our family to raise support and pack up our house in preparation to move here.  I chose courage when I flew with two toddlers and my husband and traveled for over 25 hours.  I chose courage when I followed God's calling to be a missionary and serve at RVA.  
1Peter 1:7 says, "These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed."
Our faith in God is worth more than GOLD and our faith is refined by fire.  In today's message I was reminded that the trials we go through grows our faith and makes us stronger.  Our struggles also result in praise, glory, and honor for God.  
This is a season of trials for me, but I will come out stronger.  I have faith that God has plans to use my trials to help others.  I will continue to be encouraged by God's word and faithfulness and will pray that I will have courage to continue to praise God and bring Him glory and honor as I work through these trials.  
Will you pray with me?   
Along with your prayers, God has provided a few new friends here that I have been able to confide in. They are encouraging to me! I also have my sister-in-law, Shelly, who understand since she moved here three different times with young children.  I'm thankful for her advice and willingness to hold my hand during these trials.  I can't forget to mention my family and African Prayer Group who I can send prayer requests to at any hour of the day and they lift me up in prayer.  

Thank you for your support through prayers and encouraging words.  
God is good!!!
In Christ,

Our Helpers!!

John and Ruthie at Titchie Field Day.
The girls' first day of preschool. 
They love going to school for two hours, two days a week!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The School Bells are Ringing

The school bells are ringing and the 2017-2018 school year has begun!  John is teaching four geometry classes and one 8th grade math class.  His classes are going well and his students take their first unit tests this week.

Teaching here at Rift Valley Academy is much different than in the states.  John is still out the door by 7 am, but now he walks to his classroom that is located just about 150 yards down the road from our house.
We live in a duplex.  Our door is on the left.

This picture was taken at the end of our driveway.
John's classroom is behind the building in the center.  
John walks home each day for lunch.  The girls and I love being able to see John during the day.  We also join him for chai a few days a week for about 20 min in the morning.  We are thankful to have the extra family time!
John's classroom is on the ground floor.  Such beautiful windows!
 The parking lot in the first picture is just outside his classroom.

John and I are sponsoring 8th grade.  This Friday is a class night.  I (Becky) will meet the class officers and another sponsor at lunch to plan the activities.  Then, in the evening, we will meet with the entire 8th grade class for 90 minutes of activities, fellowship, and snacks.  The snacks are very important!!  RVA has class nights for grades 7-12 a few times a month.

John and I are also teaching 5th grade Sunday School.  We have about 12 boys and meet with them in the elementary building.  Ruthie and Gracie love helping us teach!  They attend their class (Children's Church) during the sermon on the Sundays that we have church at RVA.  The first Sunday of the month the school attends the local African Inland Church.

Daddy and Ruthie walking to the church on campus.
Ruthie and Gracie are adapting well!  This week they started attending preschool for two hours twice a week.  They love playing outside and meeting their friends at the playground.  We take the milk jugs to the cafeteria several mornings a week.  We drop them off in the morning and pick up the filled containers in the afternoon.  
Above: Taking the milk jugs to the cafeteria to be filed.
Below: Ruthie and Gracie find a butterfly while exploring in our backyard.
We have started to adapt to our new routine and appreciate your prayers during these many months of transition.  We continue to ask for your prayers!  Here are some ways you can pray for us:

Johns teaching- Pray that he will have see the needs of his students and have the wisdom to help them.
Ruthie and Gracie- Pray that they will continue to adjust to sleeping in a new home and build strong relationships with the adults and children around them.
Becky- Pray that she will grow spiritually while attending Bible study and continue to adjust to being a stay at home mom in a new country. 
Students- This is the third week of school and is often a time when students begin to feel homesick.  Please pray that the students will be able to settle in and connect with adults and other students.
Elections: The Kenyan Supreme Court has nullified the results of its presidential election that was held in August.  The new election will be held in October.  Please continue to pray for a peaceful and safe election.

We thank you for your prayers!
In the love of the Savior we Serve,
John, Becky, Ruthie and Gracie